LRQA certifies MEMKO Pty Ltd to AS9100

MEMKO has been granted AS9100 Rev C and ISO 9001:2008 certification for the quality management system standard for the Aviation, Aerospace and Defence industries by LR Management Systems (LRQA). The certificate of approval was presented during a ceremony held in Melbourne on September 16th to Mr. Miro Miletic, MEMKO Managing Director by Mr. Richard Smith, the LRQA Assessor Manager.

Certification follows ten months of development and implementation and shows MEMKO’s commitment to ongoing business excellence and quality. Gaining this international standard in Aviation, Aerospace and Defence industries is a testimony to MEMKO’s commitment to business process excellence and strive for ongoing continuous improvement.

With only 42 companies in Australia currently holding the AS9100 certification, MEMKO continues its journey to remain at the forefront of the Aviation, Aerospace and Defence industry sectors. Commenting on their achievement, Mr. Miletic said, “We are delighted to have received this certification; it’s a significant milestone for our organisation, staff and more importantly our customers.”

“Certification against AS 9100 provides evidence that MEMKO’s products and services meet the demanding expectations and standards of the aviation, space and defence sectors,” said LRQA’s Richard Smith. “It shows that MEMKO are operating in accordance with internationally agreed and recognised practices for quality management, and is essential to winning contracts worldwide.”


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MEMKO Pty Ltd is an Australian solution provider of technology, engineering and training, supporting complex and highly regulated industries from Aerospace, Aviation, Defence, Automotive and Energy to Architecture, Engineering, Construction, and Life Sciences.

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